Welcome To Pink Lust

Pink Lust co-founders, Taylor and Michael, live and breathe cosmetics so much so that they both left their day jobs and made the paramount decision to create their own cosmetics label.


Taylor, is a self-confessed makeup and beauty addict, while Michael has a passion for product design and business strategies. With the dream now a reality, thanks to the continuous support of the Pink Lust Community, Taylor and Michael have been able to establish an affordable and luxurious cosmetics line that celebrates self-confidence, individuality and self-expression.




Launched in 2017, Taylor and Michael designed Pink Lust to provide a fresh, editorial take on cosmetics that compliments the woman that unapologetically possesses confidence, sex appeal and empowerment.


Countless hours have gone into product development, resulting in cosmetics that our customers adore and cherish. From subtle washes of colour, to intense pigments and full-coverage formulas, Pink Lust provides ultimate wearability, unmatched quality and sleek packaging for the modern woman.


We believe that your makeup collection is your beauty wardrobe. Our goal is to be the cosmetics you reach for time after time, ensuring no matter what you choose from our selection, you will discover a product that is the perfect formulation, applies flawlessly and is presented to you in beautiful packaging.

Welcome To Pink Lust

Taylor and Michael have poured their heart and souls into developing the Pink Lust brand to bring you products you can adore and cherish.


Sourced and developed with love in Australia, the team at Pink Lust have been 100% committed to providing the perfect cosmetic additions! We have spent countless years coming up with, planning, sourcing, developing and finally perfecting our collections in hopes that you would be proud of having as part of your cosmetic collection.


Taylor is a self-confessed makeup & beauty-holic and Michael heavily focused on sales, design and finance, the obsession to launch our own make up label was paramount. We quit our day jobs and everything we had into developing a top quality yet still affordable brand we hope to see all over the world, a dream that has already become to fruition thanks to all of your support!. From this passion, we are inspired by redefining beauty by providing you with affordable and luxurious products that will ensure your make up application is easy and flawless, a true investment.


Follow our journey, as we continue building our passion, sourcing and creating products and providing exceptional customer service that is the essence of Pink Lust!

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